Our transportation business puts the end users first – developing designs, building consensus and constructing the infrastructure that meet the needs of our clients while considering the future. Funding, environmental compliance and public involvement can be daunting even before tackling the technical complexities of a project. Your needs are great, and they can be met by a creative partner with the resources to tackle every aspect of your challenge.

Our transportation engineers have created Centralized Traffic Management Systems, use advanced vehicle control systems, dynamic route guidance, and advanced traveler information to compile data when working on upgrades to transportation systems. 3D models allow us to design with greater accuracy and efficiency, identifying potential conflicts before they become challenges.

Professionals who specialize in construction interact with our designers to provide constructability reviews during a project’s design, allowing the development of projects that can be built with minimal surprises. Construction engineering monitors projects as they are being built, so you are sure that your improvements ultimately comply with approved designs.