Construction Engineering

A long-lasting, cost-effective, and low-maintenance facility is the ultimate goal of your project, and our construction personnel are adept at managing your investments throughout the project’s lifespan.

We provide the quality assurance, project documentation, and final project records necessary for full reimbursement from funding authorities and understand what’s necessary to satisfy local, state, private, and federal funding agencies.

Moreover, we have experienced construction managers who specialize in mitigating risk, averting delays, and avoiding contract claims. Our trained field teams perform constructability reviews early in the design process, so plans are developed for more efficient construction which produces lower bid prices and minimizes costly overruns resulting from field changes. Ultimately our constructability reviews will save you time, money, and headaches during the construction of your project.

Construction Phase Services

HR Green professionals provide on-site construction engineering and inspection, quality assessment, and conflict resolution; utility coordination and assistance; schedule analysis; traffic control and protection monitoring; erosion and sediment control inspections; materials inspection; and project record-keeping for project closeout. HR Green also provides construction layout, topographic survey for earthwork calculations, and drone photography.

Resident Engineering

As Resident Engineers, our staff members are responsible for protecting your interests and supervising the planning, coordination, and implementation of projects in the field, as well as verifying adherence to the contract documents.

Constructability Reviews

Separate from the design team, our constructability reviewers know contractor bid strategies, are aware of common field issues, methods of construction, project and traffic staging, are fluent with methods of payment, cost of work items, equipment limitations, and have experience with construction scheduling.

Contract Administration

HR Green’s contract administration processes allow our staff to keep the contractor on schedule, avoid unnecessary contract claims, and limit budget overruns. Our inherent understanding of federal, state, and local specifications and our focus on proactive communication with clients and contractors provides efficient delivery of projects.

Stakeholder Coordination

Our proven on-site processes connect the HR Green team with project stakeholders through the use of preconstruction open houses, door-to-door outreach, development of project-specific websites, e-mail blasts, and social media channels. Our goal is to limit the client’s burden in responding to concerns and inquiries.

Project Controls

We believe that the success of a project does not happen by chance. “Success” for us is defined by our ability to maintain proper project controls throughout the course of the projects we oversee and manage. Our construction professionals apply the appropriate resources, procedures, and tools necessary to effectively manage cost, schedule, and risk for our clients in order to execute a project to its highest potential.

Our Services

HR Green provides tailored construction services to match our clients’ specific project needs, safeguarding your investment during the crucial construction phase. We monitor the construction of your project and deliver peace of mind.

HR Green construction professionals manage and deliver a variety of project types for municipalities, state and county DOT’s, toll authorities, developers, water authorities, private businesses, and more.
A Guide To
A Guide To
Keeping Construction Projects On Budget
From planning and conceptual design through the end of construction, municipal construction projects may last for years. The good news is that municipalities can take proactive steps to reduce the risk of cost overruns. In this guide, we outline five strategies that can help municipalities plan and rein in construction project costs.