Intelligent Transportation Systems

Technology is entwined in every aspect of our lives, including our transportation systems. Traffic signal systems use communication networks to improve traffic flow and safety.

State transportation agencies use technology to monitor traffic operations along major corridors. Technologies may include changing speed limits depending on conditions, using cameras to enforce traffic laws, or calling for emergency services when an accident occurs. These connected systems enable users to be better informed which leads to safer, coordinated responses. Federal transportation funding legislation continues to increase funding of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) initiatives.

We assist our municipal, county, and state clients to assess their ITS infrastructure and provide services to plan and design system improvements. From existing system infrastructure inventories to master planning and system design, count on us for a full suite of ITS services.

Intelligent Transportation System services:

  • ITS infrastructure inventory
  • GIS data collection services
  • Systems engineering
  • Master planning
  • Traffic signal system design
  • Traffic signal interconnect design
  • Adaptive traffic signal control systems evaluations
  • Communications network planning and design
  • Innovative technology deployment planning and design
Traffic Design + Operations
Our interdisciplinary approach to traffic operations and intelligent transportation system (ITS) design projects meld the perspectives of traffic engineers, transportation professionals, and broadband specialists.
Understanding a project’s goals and objectives from the project life-cycle perspective yields the best value and outcomes for our clients and communities.
Complete Streets are Sustainable Systems
Public space, and how we use it, has become an issue at the forefront of city decision-makers’ minds across the country.