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The Village of Mundelein is separated by a railroad line serving heavy freight and providing Metra service to Chicago. The railroad planned to close at-grade crossings for Metra commuters, so residents on the west side of the tracks would have to walk around to the closest major road crossing, an extra half-mile, to reach the Metra stop for their commute.

A bridge separating the pedestrians from the existing railroad was first identified as a potential project when the Village updated its comprehensive plan. The plan supported the Village’s goal to develop a more pedestrian-friendly downtown, and HR Green helped the Village implement its plan from the start.

Our team completed a feasibility study, developed alternatives, and secured grant funding, covering 95% of the project costs – helping to make this project a reality. During the design process, HR Green was able to help the Village navigate structural design elements, facility types, the multitude of aesthetic options, and anticipated project costs.

Multiple iterations were considered, and detailed design plans were prepared to 90% level in two separate instances in an effort to fully vet the feasibility and cost of the project. Nearly $6 million dollars of Federal and State funds were secured by the Village to fund Phase II engineering, construction, and construction engineering services. HR Green provided Phase I, II, and III engineering services, remaining involved in this project from concept through construction.

Although the Mundelein pedestrian bridge design went through multiple iterations, the built design features:

  • Stacked switchback ramps of continuous-span reinforced concrete slab units which sit atop a pier on the east side of the railroad tracks.
  • Traditional switchback ramps of concrete slabs which sit atop mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls on the west side of the railroad tracks.
  • The main span over the CN Railroad consists of a prefabricated steel truss superstructure.

The site design included detailed sidewalk ramp grading plans meeting current accessibility codes, proposed site grading and re-grading of turf areas adjacent to the improvements, decorative LED lighting design, and landscaping planting plans for new trees, shrubs, and perennials.

HR Green’s team coordinated with multiple stakeholders, including the Village of Mundelein, CN Railroad, Metra, Illinois Department of Transportation, Illinois Commerce Commission, Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning, North Shore Gas, and ComEd.

HR Green was able to help the Village of Mundelein turn this critical singular element identified in a comprehensive plan, then through all phases of engineering, into a reality. The Mundelein pedestrian bridge is a welcome addition to the community by allowing pedestrians a safe crossing and providing better access to the Metra station and downtown Mundelein. The project has also spurred new development in the area, with two new residential developments under construction east of the bridge.


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