Local Government Engineering

Our Governmental Services staff works with local governments as an extension of their staff, providing municipal engineering services, on-call consulting, and public works staff augmentation. This allows us to help your local government agency by providing proven best practices, processes, and technology.

We are the Municipal Engineer and/or Public Works Director for communities with populations ranging in size from less than 5,000 to 200,000+ residents. This broad experience has allowed us to build long-term partnerships with numerous public agencies throughout the United States. The majority of our staff has “walked in your shoes” and previously worked in the public sector. Our vast operational experience can help your municipality with short- or long-range planning, capital plans, and various day-to-day operations.

We implement customized plans that are responsive to various needs, dynamic to changing conditions, and matched with the right mix of staff to provide you with unique expertise when needed, significant cost savings, and additional flexibility.

Services include:


When your agency is planning to deliver a large volume of capital improvement design engineering projects under a compressed schedule, we can deliver on time and within budget.  Whether its pavement rehabilitation, wet utilities, traffic, or drainage projects that are localized or agency-wide, our staff can quickly and efficiently deliver construction documents in a cost-effective manner.

Pavement Management

Roadway maintenance is all about applying the right treatment to the right pavement at the right time. When you invest in your roads in a strategic and timely manner, it can extend their usable service lives while making the best use of potentially limited public funds. 

We begin by assessing your roadway assets to better understand existing needs. Then we incorporate best roadway management practices that leverage our research and experience to assess whether your repair methods, design standards, and construction specifications maximize your budget. Working with you to set budgets and goals, we create a decision-making framework to make those hard choices in the likely case that your needs exceed your available resources. Our experienced engineers have many years of experience helping agencies of all sizes.

Public Works Inspection

We take a holistic view of inspection services.  Our primary goal is to implement a staffing/resource plan, best practices, and a service delivery model that not only aligns to the agency’s mission and expectations, but also provides the best value, quality, and operational efficiency by incorporating technology, paperless processes, and streamlined communication so that construction of your capital improvement and land development projects are handled in a safe, timely, and cost-efficient manner compliant to the approved plans, design standards, and regulatory requirements.

Governmental Services
Governmental operations require stewardship and stakeholder consensus to comply with agency requirements, maintain project momentum, and respond with scalable solutions.