Geographic Information System (GIS)

GIS is more than a pretty map. GIS is an essential tool for managing information and establishing a data-driven basis for intelligent planning and decision-making.

GIS plays a critical behind-the-scenes role across our core markets, offering organization and analysis that help deliver many client services more efficiently and comprehensively. At the same time, professional GIS deliverables like our map books, database reports, and web mapping applications engage our clients directly, communicating geographic information system data in an accessible and meaningful way.

We recognize that no two communities are alike. With this in mind, we offer scalable GIS solutions to meet your community’s needs. We will not implement a solution until we have heard your story and understand your situation.

Our services include field inventory and assessment, asset management, database reporting, web mapping applications, hard-copy maps and map books, geographic information system modeling analysis, and engineering design using geographic information systems.

  • GIS database development
  • ArcGIS online administration
  • ArcGIS online web map and web application development
  • ArcGIS field maps, survey 123, workforce setup, and configuration
  • Field data collection
  • Sanitary sewer and stormwater manhole non-entry inspections
  • Data conversion
  • Analysis
  • Modeling
  • Desktop, web, and field training
  • Deliverable plotter maps and map books
  • Organization GIS needs assessment
Land surveying, GIS mapping, data collection, or field observations are often the crucial first step to any project. HR Green’s geospatial professionals have a keen eye for detail and keep your project goals front of mind while adapting as required by site conditions.