Building + Code

Our deep bench of certified and registered code officials, engineers, architects, plan reviewers, inspectors, permit technicians, and code instructors can provide your agency with a single source of skilled professionals.

From reviews and inspections to the approval of new construction and improvements, our high-quality services are performed with optimal efficiency and within your budget.

Your Building Department Services team must know the difference between simply reading codes and understanding the reasons behind them. This combination of knowledge and experience allows our teams to create solutions that swiftly transition projects closer to completion in ways that others simply don’t see. Our staff averages 20+ years of experience and will be a true partner with your agency to efficiently process your projects.

Building Administration

Our certified Chief Building Officials are responsible for overseeing building plan reviews, inspections, code compliance, abatement, and act as an official agency representatives on building-related matters. They are noted for their ability to create customer-oriented, highly efficient, effective, and responsive operations.  Moreover, they possess a keen insight into code intent and how best to apply construction means and methods, while leveraging technology and proven best practices to enhance operational efficiency.

Building Plan Review

To provide the most efficient approach to comprehensive building plan review services, we specialize in providing paperless electronic plan review and tracking solutions, where reviews and comments are accessible electronically. These tools maximize collaboration and expedite requests while eliminating printing, shipping, storage, and travel costs. By using electronic plan review you can reduce turnaround review schedules between 20-40% and increase transparency.

Building Inspection

Our certified Inspectors conduct inspections of all trades to verify that the project complies with approved plans, specifications and all applicable codes and ordinances. Inspectors and staff provide consultations to residents and contractors to determine areas of non-compliance. They work to educate and inform residents and contractors to gain compliance and keep projects on track. Moreover, our inspectors can provide electronic documentation as well as 24-hour Emergency or After-Hour assistance.

Code Enforcement

Our Code Enforcement Officers respond to requests for service in commercial and residential areas. While most residential code compliance activity involves property maintenance concerns, commercial activity includes property maintenance requests and enforcement of the municipality’s regulations. Our goal is to achieve compliance through personal contact and cooperation, rather than through legal remedies.

Delivering code compliance to a community is a balance between maintaining a good relationship with your current residents, landlords, and business owners to achieve your goals for safety, cleanliness, upkeep, and the general image of your community. Our staff will provide prompt, diplomatic and courteous service, working in a spirit of collaboration with property owners to achieve a high level of compliance that mitigates confrontation, decreases compliance costs, and promotes public goodwill.

Permit Processing

Most citizens and applicants get their first experience with an agency and determine their evaluation of operational efficiency and level of customer service from the permit staff with whom they interact. For this reason, we have placed highly skilled customer service communication specialists on the Permit Counter Operations team. Many of our permit counter technicians are bilingual and have provided front counter support at agency offices during business hours, including disseminating general and technical information to property owners, developers, business owners, residents, the general public, and other agencies concerning property development and the permit process.

Remote Virtual Inspection

To further implement operational efficiencies and cost-saving solutions, our formalized Remote Virtual Inspection program (compliant with ICC and NFPA 915 guidelines) allows our remote technical professionals to review and/or approve smaller projects and installations by collaborating with the homeowner or contractor located at the site. This solution offers reduced costs, enhanced productivity, greater accountability, and reduced travel.

Building Code + Inspections
HR Green has a consistent roster of International Code Council (ICC) Certified Inspectors with in-depth field knowledge to perform building inspections for municipalities Nationwide.
Governmental Services
Governmental operations require stewardship and stakeholder consensus to comply with agency requirements, maintain project momentum, and respond with scalable solutions.