Municipal + County + District Advisory Services

Government agencies are turning to a broad spectrum of advisory services to provide solutions to internal staff shortages, complex budgeting processes, smart/virtual city initiatives, changing permitting regulations, asset management, and project delivery challenges.

HR Green’s staff includes former public sector employees and diversely skilled personnel who have served in a staff augmentation role. We understand the priorities and processes of governmental agencies. From capital improvement program/project delivery, promoting transparency, procuring funding, maximizing your assets, smart city/broadband initiatives, organizational/operational efficiency, and long-range planning and implementation, HR Green’s professionals provide nimble, on-demand services and customized, right-sized solutions.

Asset Management

Careful asset management is a critical component of the successful operation of any community. Effective asset management can improve infrastructure decision-making, optimize capital expenditures, identify creative and revenue-generating ways to repurpose assets and strengthen the long-term reliability and resiliency of capital assets. HR Green creates “Living Documents” that grow and take shape with each community. Whether you need help getting started, or need long-term assistance, HR Green’s experienced staff can lead the way.

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Program + Project Management

Municipalities consistently face the challenge of providing services within expected performance thresholds while delivering a capital improvement program. This becomes even more difficult when faced with staffing constraints. Program management can address internal staff shortages, extremely complex budgeting processes, changing permitting regulations, and alternative project delivery methods.

Our staff members help agencies identify, qualify, and implement workable ways to effectively complete their tasks and projects within your budget schedule. Utilizing HR Green’s program management staff and service delivery strategies will provide you a scalable solution for workload challenges without long-term expense and staffing obligations.

Smart Communities

Technology has always been linked to the evolution of agencies.  As governments consider the rapid acceleration of technological advances, it is worth imagining what the connected cities and counties of the future will look like – and the associated impact it will have on current and upcoming projects. Forward-thinking communities are focused on integrating the Internet of Things (IoT) into their Smart Community programs by creating a holistic strategy that includes linking these new systems to improve operations and drive economic development.

Fully connected smart communities are coming, and HR Green is helping agencies prepare for their arrival by providing local leaders with best practices, strategic smart community planning, and practical implementation, be it wireless telecommunications permit application review, asset inventory/management, public policy development, funding procurement, GIS mapping, streetlight municipalization, strategic visioning, master planning, stakeholder engagement, design, construction management, and/or maintenance management.

Staff Augmentation

As an extension of your staff and a trusted advisor, we bring sound decision-making and the latest technology and best practices for local governments from across the country. Our approach provides proven experience, significant cost savings, and additional flexibility, frees your staff to focus on other priorities, and maintains accountability. We can leverage our operational experience and help your municipality with short- or long-range planning, capital plans, and various day-to-day operations.

Virtual City

Public agencies have sought alternative methods to deliver public services safely and more seamlessly to their residents, contractors, and development communities. HR Green has been at the forefront of developing, implementing, and utilizing virtual and digital solutions for services such as permitting, asset management, electronic plan checking, inspection, and related services. Contactless service requires that anything your agency offers at a public counter must be available remotely. Our toolkit combines current techniques as well as innovative approaches to touchless permit and project service delivery.

Grant Writing + Administration

We assist public agencies in both identifying and securing outside financial resources while helping our clients through the regulatory and administrative requirements that accompany these funding sources. We bring a very successful track record of securing funding, and we also provide turnkey services to deliver your important capital improvement projects through the planning, design, and construction phases.

Organizational + Operational Audits

Public agencies must prioritize ways to deliver a full range of services in the most timely, cost-efficient, and effective manner.  To appropriately position your agency to meet future challenges, you can leverage our staff to provide an objective assessment of your organization and operations.  We determine optimal staffing levels and services, review service delivery methods, evaluate current trends and challenges in the industry, and determine whether technology can improve your customer service delivery. Our approach also investigates the benefits of service delivery models culminating in customized recommendations.

Governmental Services
Governmental operations require stewardship and stakeholder consensus to comply with agency requirements, maintain project momentum, and respond with scalable solutions.