Potable Water

High-quality potable and process water at an affordable price is a critical component of your success. Look to us for a unique fusion of engineering and business acumen, helping public and private utilities and wet process industries develop sustainable, cost-effective solutions.

We provide comprehensive water services to move public and private projects from conceptual planning through design, financing, permitting, construction, start-up, and operation. When it comes to maintaining the viable operation of source, treatment, and distribution systems, we work with you to get your facility running and help streamline the process.

Our engineers make accountable decisions in the planning and design of well fields, reservoirs, treatment plants, storage, pumping, and distribution systems.

Funding Assistance

We can develop a funding strategy for capital projects and help apply for the options that best fit each individual project. We have helped our clients successfully gather millions in outside funding.

Pilot + Treatment Studies

Demonstrating process performance on a smaller scale before projecting and developing full-scale plants can help drive successful projects. We can develop pilot protocols and establish and operate pilots of all shapes and sizes for your project needs.

Master Planning

Starting with master planning and feasibility studies, we can help identify the best sources of groundwater or surface water. We understand the total cost of improvements to a water system is not to be taken lightly, including construction and operation, and maintenance (O&M). We can identify, evaluate, and prioritize the needs of each community aimed at long-term sustainability and operations.

Wells + Well Fields

Siting, modeling, permitting, designing, and constructing individual wells, collector wells, and well fields to deliver the capacity needed for the community.

Storage + Reservoirs

Understanding storage capacities and peak water demand periods are critical to a community’s successful supply of water to residents and local industries. Proper storage tank sizing, siting, and configuration is critical to meet storage needs without compromising water quality.

Treatment Plants + Process Improvements

We can help you address upgrading or modernization of existing facilities or a completely new facility design. Our services include full design of facilities, data collection, existing conditions assessment, system modeling, energy-saving initiatives, regulatory compliance, capacity expansion, alternatives analysis and design, rate structure recommendations, design of HVAC improvements, electrical engineering, well pump design, and construction services.

Pumping Systems

We design new booster pumping stations and high service pumping stations as well as improvements to existing pumping systems with an eye on redundancy, efficiency, and system hydraulics.

Distribution Systems + Hydraulic Modeling

We have fully integrated GIS mapping, hydraulic modeling, and design capabilities to help map, identify, prioritize, design, and construct hydraulic improvements where they are needed most. We can also work to help identify and replace Lead and Copper Service lines as part of prioritized water main replacement projects.

Construction Phase Services

We focus on delivering construction observation, inspection, and support services, with an emphasis on personalized service to bring the greatest value to our clients.

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