Public Sector

Communities nationwide are looking for ways to unlock the value of their communication assets.

In some cases, the destination may be a community-owned broadband utility. However, for many, the goals revolve around creating smart communication systems to drive broader community goals in education and economic development, strengthening emergency response/resilient operations, or enhancing citizen and virtual services. We can customize strategies and implement proven solutions to maximize the value of your infrastructure assets.

Whatever your path, combining physical assets (utilities, fiber optic cables, and conduits) with future-proofed public policy can enhance operations, expand services, create new revenue streams, comply with small cell/5G deployment requirements, save money, and create long-term value. Whatever the vision and course of action you select, the benefits can be significant and life-changing for your constituents.

Let us help you unlock your full infrastructure’s hidden value, build a roadmap to success, foster stakeholder consensus, and help prepare your community for the future.

  • Broadband Feasibility
  • Communications + Technology Master Planning
  • Grants + Funding
  • Telecommunications Policy Consulting
  • Fiber + Broadband Design

Broadband Funding Partnership

HR Green has formed a strategic partnership with ( that will bring its clients direct access to broadband funding information. Combined with HR Green’s dedicated team of grant planners and engineering services, this partnership will help providers obtain grants efficiently through grant identification, eligibility, application, feasibility, and planning.

Your Municipal Telecommunications Partner
Your Municipal Telecommunications Partner
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