We provide comprehensive wastewater services to move public and private projects from conceptual planning through design, financing, permitting, construction, start-up, and operation.

When it comes to the sustainable operation of resilient treatment and collection systems, we work with you to get your facility running and help streamline the process.

We design new, technologically advanced wastewater treatment plants, implement smart-strategies for collection systems and pump stations, and assess and manage aging treatment and collection infrastructure. We assist clients with increasing demands, compliance with NPDES permit challenges, and implementation of improvements to match funding.

We are a leader in wastewater services and have been since 1913. We have specialty wastewater staff in several geographies and collaborate internally to provide the best solutions to our clients. We excel at providing rapid solutions to our clients for equipment replacement, implementing new process technologies, and troubleshooting operational issues.

Planning + Feasibility Studies

We have extensive experience in wastewater collection and treatment plant studies, master plans, preliminary and final designs, and construction phase services for wastewater projects.

Collection System Management

Data-driven solutions start with smart approaches to document and assess the condition of your collection system. We can incorporate GIS integrated techniques to understand and prioritize your improvement needs. Incorporating “smart” instrumentation can mitigate or allow predictive solutions.

Collection System Rehabilitation

When a collection system ages, problems can begin to surface because of intrusions or outdated technologies. We understand how to solve structural and extraneous flow-related issues through rehabilitation design, for extended life and a more reliable, efficient, and resilient system.

Pump Stations

A pump station’s purpose is to do a job without consistently being seen or heard. We design stations of all sizes (up to and over 200 MGD) for low maintenance and efficient, resilient operation.


We can help you upgrade or modernize existing facilities as well as complete new facility designs. Our approach is proactive, offering energy-saving initiatives that strategically invest dollars into upgrades to meet service and permit needs for the future.

Process Modeling

When designing, upgrading, and optimizing wastewater treatment plants, it is critical to tie together biological, chemical, and physical process models to help make sound decisions and meet your treatment objectives.

Beneficial Reuse

We design beneficial reuse solutions for wastewater treatment, including anaerobic digestion solutions and biosolids management. These can result in meeting revenue and mitigating energy requirements of your treatment facility.

Regulatory Assistance + Permitting

Participation in the permitting process and coordination with regulatory agencies is a necessary step in wastewater projects. We have full knowledge of each state’s requirements and processes, as well as local and federal permitting agencies.

Construction Phase Services

In addition to construction administration, our construction personnel have specialized facility understanding to oversee your wastewater treatment plant improvements, interceptor improvements, and sewer separation projects.


We are a trusted advisor for clients from project inception to final completion, always seeking the most economical solutions and streamlined processes.

In addition to helping you develop new, technologically advanced wastewater treatment plants, collection systems, and pump stations, we assist in rehabilitating, upgrading, and expanding existing facilities. HR Green offers services throughout your project’s life cycle.