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Challenge: Governments at every level are challenged to find cost-effective and efficient methods to deliver services to their constituents. The Village of New Lenox desired to reassess internal operations and search for ways to improve operational efficiencies while considering alternative methods of service delivery. The New Lenox Plan Review project expected a high level of service with the ability to adjust staffing levels on demand.

Solution: HR Green was selected to provide professional building plan review and inspection services that would meet the needs of the Village by delivering a high-quality service at the least cost with optimal efficiency and flexibility of staff. Since 2015, HR Green has provided the Village of New Lenox with comprehensive plan review and inspection services for residential and commercial projects. Project momentum must be balanced with plans that comply with the applicable codes, requirements, and design standards. Inspections monitor compliance with the applicable codes and design standards. HR Green’s multi-faceted plan review and inspection staff assigned to the Village possess vast experience, technical knowledge, and superior interpersonal customer service skills. This allows them to be flexible to changes that need immediate response and resolution. In addition, we are providing fire plan review services for the Village.

Benefit: HR Green is responsive to the needs of the Village by providing a “one stop/single source” solution to process, review, inspect, and approve new construction and improvements. By mobilizing the same key ICC-certified plan reviewers and inspectors to provide additional flexibility, deliver professional services, maintain accountability, and enhance financial sustainability, we maximize the continuity and service reliability that the Village of New Lenox has come to expect.

“HR Green has been providing inspection services for the Village of New Lenox since 2016 and it has worked very well for us. Their staff is knowledgeable and works well with our contractors, residents, business owners and staff. Our relationship with HR Green has also provided us extra resources when workload exceeds our in-house capacity or to fill in when Village staff is on vacation.”

Assistant Village Administrator | Village of New Lenox

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