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City of Jurupa Valley Plan Check

Jurupa Valley, CA

Jurupa Valley was an unincorporated area in Riverside County, California, until voters approved a ballot measure to incorporate the area and become a city. Jurupa Valley was formed with an estimated population of 96,000 residents within a 45 square mile area. Jurupa Valley City Council members approved a two-part contract with HR Green to help transition services from the county to the city and then to operate the city’s departments once the transition was completed.

HR Green provides an Assistant City Manager and support staff to fulfill the various municipal functions in Jurupa Valley including Plan Check Services. HR Green staff conducts plan reviews and construction inspections. Building plan reviews are checked for compliance with building codes and access requirements, as well as any adopted codes to promote sustainability. With HR Green staff, turnaround time on plan reviews and inspections has greatly improved in comparison to the county processes that existed prior to incorporation. Currently, HR Green provides a 10-day response for normal plan reviews and fulfills inspection requests within 24 hours. In addition, HR Green implemented a trust deposit payment system for plan reviews and permitting. Applicants pay in advance for these services, which are conservatively estimated. After completion, applicants receive a refund check for the unused balance. This payment plan has been very popular with applicants.  HR Green has a 99% success rate meeting civil plan review schedules for the past 5 years.


HR Green fulfills the following checks/reviews for the City:

  1. Subdivision Map Review
  2. Street Improvement Plan Check
  3. Grading Plan Check
  4. Storm Drain Plan Check
  5. Sewer Improvement Plan Check
  6. Water Improvement Plan Check
  7. Structural Review
  8. Electronic Plan Check
  9. Solar Plan check
  10. Site Plan Check
  11. Erosion Control Plan Check
  12. Hydrology/Drainage Plan Check
  13. SWPPP / WQMP Review
  14. Traffic Studies Review
  15. Soils Report Review

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