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Challenge: The Village of Oak Park issued an RFP seeking a consultant to provide both inspection services and permit plan review services for the Village’s Development Customer Services Department’s Permit Processing Division. At that time, the Village performed all building inspection services in-house with the limited resources of Village-employed inspectors. With an annual workload of thousands of inspections and plan reviews, the backlog of projects became overwhelming.

Solution: HR Green was selected to assist in working with Village staff to provide process structure enhancements and improve customer service levels. Upon completion and presentation of the Roadway Evaluation Report and associated maps, the Village asked the HR Green Team to build off the Roadway Evaluation Report and create a comprehensive 10-Year Recommended Maintenance Plan incorporating all of the Village streets. HR Green utilized various maintenance and rehabilitation techniques, and the understanding that the smaller Village does not have the luxury of large MFT fund allotments, to include every street in the 10-Year Roadway Maintenance Plan.

HR Green has leveraged a multi-faceted staff to complete technical plan reviews and inspections on high-rise, large scale and mid-rise commercial and residential projects, including zoning, civil, structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, health, energy, and accessibility.

HR Green has verified that drawings and specifications comply with adopted building codes, local municipal codes and ordinances, Historical District requirements (such as the nationally known Frank Lloyd Wright Registered District), and all third-party reports.

In addition to performing daily plan reviews and inspections at the Village, HR Green is also under contract to perform large-scale plan reviews for various high-rise and multistory projects. These large-scale plan review projects requiring special professional reviews and are performed by our ICC-certified staff and our licensed professional staff, including Structural Engineers, Architects, and Mechanical, Electrical, and IDPH Plumbing Professionals.

“I have always been very, very impressed with your work as third-party reviewers in the Village of Oak Park. I also have had the opportunity to attend your seminar on the code changes and their implications – very enlightening. You are always very cooperative in your reviews and your quick turn arounds.”

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