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  • Wood Dale, Illinois

The Clock Tower Plaza serves as a key element in the downtown beautification plan and will provide a new focal point within the heart of the community, welcoming citizens and visitors alike to Wood Dale. The Clock Tower Plaza is not only a striking space punctuating the center of the City, but is also functional, providing both the time and message boards to announce various community events. This formerly small and under-utilized space has been repurposed to provide a greater benefit to its residents and visitors. 

HR Green was selected by the City of Wood Dale to complete design plans and manage the construction of the Clock Tower Plaza project located in the northwest corner of the IL 19 at Wood Dale Road intersection. Additionally, the project included landscape improvements to the northeast corner of the intersection to further enhance the gateway and bring cohesion to the streetscape. In collaboration with a team of architects and engineers, our Landscape Architects designed a community plaza space, including the clock tower, water features, seating, and extensive hardscape and landscape improvements, to serve as an iconic civic center reflective of the City’s identity. The use of prairie-style architecture and materials is complimentary of the City’s nearby Metra station to the east and newly completed wastewater treatment plant just west and embraces the humble, rustic beginnings of the City.


APWA Public Works Project of the Year – Suburban Branch

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