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HR Green is providing Phase III resident engineering and construction inspection services for the reconstruction of the intersection of Route 31 and Huntley Road in Carpentersville, Illinois. This $11M Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) project (61E73) is being completed to widen the Route 31 intersection and the Huntley Road/Main Street hill down to Lincoln Avenue. The project includes the reconstruction of approximately 1 mile of 3-5 lane roadway in various traffic stages. The work includes the removal and replacement of existing pavement, water main, sanitary sewer lining, storm sewer, curb and gutter, sidewalk, lighting, signals, and landscaping. Additional work includes all new sanitary sewer cleanouts for each building, new median installation, 3 retaining walls, temporary signals, and numerous utility relocations.  

This contract includes a pay item for the replacement of lead water services from the new water main that was installed all the way into each home or business. The new service was bored from an excavation in the roadway/parkway all the way through the building foundation and into the buildings. Once the bore was made the new copper service line was pulled into the building and the borehole surrounding the new service line was epoxy grouted. A certified plumber was in the basement of each unit to connect the new service to the home/business. By boring through the private property there was no landscaping restoration needed.

This federally-funded Route 31 and Huntley Road project was let through the Illinois Department of Transportation and required that all Phase III inspections be documented on the new Construction & Materials Management System (CMMS). All evidence of material inspection was in accordance with the IDOT Project Procedures Guide prior to issuing payment. 

The project is being completed for IDOT and the Village of Carpentersville Assistant Public Works Director and Engineering Manager Mr. Ed Szydlowski.

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