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Constructability Reviews

As the owner of a construction project, the best path to success is an accurate and understandable set of plans and special provisions.

A Constructability Review is a critical component of the design process and should not be overlooked. We have abundant experience providing these reviews to save you time, money, and headaches during the construction of your project.

It is important that the Constructability Review is performed at 90 percent of plan completion so that it can be assumed by the review team that the designer is confident that the documents are comprehensive excepting final, minor details. This provides the best value per hour to the owner. It is also important that the Constructability Review Team is comprised of people who are apart from the design team and know contractor bid strategies, are aware of common field problems, are fluent with methods of payment, are responsible for contract administration, and have experience with construction scheduling.

When viewed by construction managers and field inspectors with specific expertise and perspective relating to problems encountered during construction, many benefits will be realized, including:

  1. Fewer Requests for Information (RFIs) from the contractor
  2. Fewer Change Orders (COs)
  3. Fewer conflicts between bid documents
  4. Fewer stakeholder issues/impacts
  5. Fewer contractor disputes
  6. Promoting more accurate, lower bids
  7. Increasing competition
  8. Averting delays
  9. Avoiding redesigns
  10. Smoother project closeout
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