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  • Baldwin Township, Minnesota

Challenge: Baldwin Township is a large township within Sherburne County, Minnesota. The community requires engineering services but does not have a large enough tax base to employ the many specialized professionals that it needs to serve its citizens.

Located in a rural area, it is also difficult to attract the multitude of specialized staff that would require full-time employment to provide those services locally. Development review for the Township consists of drainage, grading, and septic review services which need to be completed quickly to best serve the development in the region.

Solution: Baldwin Township placed a request for aid from a Civil Engineering company to serve these needs and strategically bypassed the burden of attracting a multitude of specialized staff to the area.

HR Green utilizes highly trained staff and Professional Engineers to provide the services needed by the Township on an as-needed basis. This is done by providing in-house checklists and QA/QC by a PE of any review that is conducted. Many unique topics such as wetland protection, FEMA Floodplain rules interpretations, and general engineering knowledge will be readily available for the many possible situations that may be encountered by the township’s developers.

Benefit: Baldwin Township can verify that all required services are provided to the citizens of Baldwin County. Plan review staff can also aid in ensuring compliance with Township, County, State, Federal, and engineering requirements from development in the area. HR Green’s services allow the Township to have access to numerous Civil Engineering professionals on an as-needed basis.

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