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  • Jurupa Valley, California

Challenge: Upon the incorporation of Jurupa Valley, the City faced substandard pavement along arterials and residential streets citywide.

Solution: HR Green engineers developed a Pavement Management Program for the City, including a comprehensive automated condition assessment, implementation of the StreetSaver software, treatment alternative recommendations, and a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).

Our staff audited existing GIS information from the City, and other public sources, to create an accurate pavement inventory and upload that into the StreetSaver pavement management software. We then assisted the City in developing a Request for Proposal to select an automated data collection firm to assess the conditions within the City.

HR Green hired IMS Consulting as a data collection sub-consultant who drove and analyzed the condition of 340 miles of streets. HR Green then used that data and StreetSaver to develop a number of budgetary and condition-based planning scenarios. Finally, we recommended potential treatment alternatives and developed a prioritized list of recommended projects to be completed over the following ten years.

Benefit: The City received a detailed 10-year CIP to make well-informed decisions and prioritize recommended Jurupa Valley pavement improvements. Additionally, HR Green procured funding; expedited the programming, design, and construction of pavement rehabilitation projects citywide; and leveraged different pavement applications to save time and money, improve safety, and comply with ADA requirements.

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