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  • Fort Dodge, Iowa

Fort Dodge, Iowa, is a City with a population of approximately 25,000. Residents, businesses, and anchor institutions have clearly stated that the broadband coverage they currently have is not as reliable, fast, or as affordable as most need.

HR Green was chosen to provide feasibility for options for Fort Dodge to achieve better broadband connectivity. Because Fort Dodge is a forward-thinking community, they explored a range of options ranging from building and operating a municipal network to providing infrastructure to work with private partners. City leadership wanted to maintain community control over connectivity in Fort Dodge. The challenge was to provide a process through which the City could explore its options to select what was the best for their community.

HR Green analyzed current assets in the City, led discussions of Smart City and 5G (to see if there were upcoming plans that could impact the options), performed high-level designs of the most probable options, and developed feasibility models for each of those options. Leadership required HR Green to move nimbly to evaluate design alternatives and make adjustments to the financial models. By providing active engagement in the design review and open access to HR Green’s feasibility models, City leadership understood clearly how to compare options and alternatives.

HR Green is now leading the design of a community-owned and operated fiber-to-the-premises network and will provide construction phase services during deployment. This network will bring gigabit-capable broadband to the community. Design commenced in 2021, and construction began on the two-year, $40 million build in 2022. HR Green is providing detailed design services as well as PMO services, including contractor selection and management, inspection, and material handling responsibilities.

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