Fulshear Broadband and 5G Planning


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  • Fulshear, Texas

Challenge: Fulshear is a rapidly growing City just outside of Houston. With rapid growth, the need for a broadband strategy was imperative. The Fulshear broadband and 5G planning needs included:

  • ROW Management
  • Ubiquitous coverage
  • Internal City broadband needs
  • Economic Development needs
  • 5G and Smart City preparations
  • The ability to participate in and manage opportunities to extend broadband infrastructure.

City leadership wanted to begin by understanding the current Fulshear broadband issues.

Solution: HR Green assisted the City by surveying citizens and businesses, meeting with public and private stakeholders, and reviewing their current policies. With a baseline of information provided by HR Green, the City is taking the next steps of defining a Fiber Master Plan, developing goals and vision for broadband in the community, and finding consensus on the City’s role in their broadband infrastructure.