Key Considerations During ISP Broadband Implementation

June 06, 2024 | Cody Miller, Tina York

Broadband projects require specialized construction methods and experienced personnel. Vast knowledge of broadband construction can mitigate project risks and improve outcomes. Municipal staff can benefit from training and development programs that enhance their skills and prepare them for the specific demands of broadband projects. This support helps municipalities handle the complexities of broadband deployment effectively.

Permit Volume Management

High-volume broadband projects, often spanning 6 months to 4 years, can overwhelm municipal resources. The accelerated pace of these projects, driven by ISPs’ need for rapid infrastructure deployment, requires municipalities to manage permit volumes efficiently. Strategies such as prioritizing projects, improving workflow, and utilizing electronic plan review systems can help municipalities maintain efficiency and prevent resource strain.

ROW Impacts and Management

Broadband deployment can have immediate and widespread impacts on ROW. To manage these impacts and facilitate compliance with municipal standards, municipalities should adopt best practices for minimizing disruptions. This includes thorough planning, regular communication with contractors, and robust inspection protocols. Effective ROW management safeguards public infrastructure and maintains community standards during broadband projects.

Fort Dodge Utilizes an Owner’s Representative

In Fort Dodge, Iowa, HR Green served as an Owner’s Representative for the city’s municipal network project. This role included design, contractor management, inspection, and material handling responsibilities. Through this collaboration, construction was completed per design specifications, demonstrating the benefits of having a dedicated representative to oversee broadband projects. This approach not only streamlined the process but also facilitated successful outcomes, as evidenced by Fort Dodge’s enhanced connectivity and community satisfaction.

Specialized Staff

Broadband construction uses highly specific and specialized construction methods to deploy millions of feet of cable to pass ALL homes and businesses in a market. This can leave municipalities understaffed and unequipped to address the volume and applied construction methods with existing permit and construction requirements.

Palm Desert Overcomes Staffing Constraints

The City of Palm Desert, California, a cultural and retail hub within Coachella Valley, sought to advance key initiatives but faced constraints with a small municipal staff. HR Green partnered with the city to provide plan checks, city engineering, and surveying. Since 2021, this partnership has facilitated the approval of over 1,060 new homes and 192,000 square feet of commercial space. By leveraging electronic review processes and fostering collaboration across departments, HR Green has streamlined approvals, significantly saving time and resources for the City and developers.

HR Green partnered with the City of Denton, Texas, to tackle a similar problem. HR Green was enlisted to evaluate and recommend improvements in practices, clear the backlog, and implement a proactive, paperless, and electronic review model.

Navigating Broadband Implementation with HR Green

Timely permit reviews and ROW agreements are crucial for meeting project timelines. Municipalities can streamline review processes by adopting electronic plan review systems, which enhance efficiency and reduce delays. These systems enable faster, more accurate reviews, helping municipalities keep pace with broadband project demands and avoid bottlenecks.

Successful broadband implementation requires careful consideration of permit management and review efficiency. HR Green’s Municipal Broadband Oversight Services offer tailored solutions to help municipalities manage these aspects effectively. Explore our broadband services to discover how our experience can facilitate smooth broadband deployment in your community.

Prepare your community for the broadband infrastructure surge. Discover how HR Green’s Municipal Broadband Oversight services can streamline your response and navigate resource and regulatory challenges. 

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