A Guide for Streamlining Municipal Response to ISP Expansion

As our world becomes increasingly connected, the push for broadband expansion into communities has never been more critical. However, when Internet Service Providers (ISPs) set their sights on expansion, municipalities often find themselves navigating complex challenges that can strain resources and test their resilience.

At the heart of these challenges lies the need for rapid deployment. ISPs are driven by the goal of installing infrastructure swiftly to facilitate maximum coverage in minimal time. This ambition, though understandable, brings plenty of challenges for municipalities.

Key Considerations During ISP Broadband Implementation

Permit Volume

Broadband Projects are high volume and can span 6 months to 4 years. ISPs are incentivized to implement rapid infrastructure deployment to maximize installation within minimal timeframes. The accelerated pace is significantly faster than standard utility projects and can stretch and potentially overwhelm available resources.

Review Times

municipal broadband permit reviewA surge in high-volume broadband projects will significantly boost excavation and ROW permit demands. Internet service providers have a vested interest in efficient permitting processes to adhere to project timelines and will seek ROW agreements and expedited permit reviews. This may result in municipal staff, often unacquainted with specialized broadband construction techniques, facing an overwhelming workload.

Aurora’s Path to Streamlined Permitting and Planning

Municipalities nationwide are navigating the permit overload and planning review bottlenecks amid expansion phases. The City of Aurora, Colorado, amidst significant growth, faced challenges in processing a surge of plan reviews and tackling a backlog of projects. HR Green partnered with the city, bringing in a dedicated team to streamline plan reviews and spearhead major infrastructure efforts. This collaboration led to the elimination of project backlogs and enhanced the city’s capacity to keep pace with its development needs.

Specialized Staff

Broadband construction uses highly specific and specialized construction methods to deploy millions of feet of cable to pass ALL homes and businesses in a market. This can leave municipalities understaffed and unequipped to address the volume and applied construction methods with existing permit and construction requirements.

Palm Desert Overcomes Staffing Constraints

The City of Palm Desert, California, a cultural and retail hub within Coachella Valley, sought to advance key initiatives but faced constraints with a small municipal staff. HR Green partnered with the city to provide plan checks, city engineering, and surveying. Since 2021, this partnership has facilitated the approval of over 1,060 new homes and 192,000 square feet of commercial space. By leveraging electronic review processes and fostering collaboration across departments, HR Green has streamlined approvals, significantly saving time and resources for the City and developers.

HR Green partnered with the City of Denton, Texas, to tackle a similar problem. HR Green was enlisted to evaluate and recommend improvements in practices, clear the backlog, and implement a proactive, paperless, and electronic review model.

ROW Impacts

The Impacts of Broadband deployment can be immediate and widespread if not properly managed. The rapid pace of contracted construction companies may result in utility strikes, damaging public infrastructure and private property. Additionally, the rush to proceed quickly might encourage contractors to bypass municipal standards.

broadband ROW impacts

Construction and Restoration

Many municipalities face the challenge of limited availability or insufficiently trained inspectors to meet compliance with municipal codes and property restoration. It is vital to work with professionals who understand the installation methods and the nature of broadband implementation projects to safeguard the ROW, community, and other Municipal assets.

Fort Dodge Utilizes an Owner’s Representative

Following an initial feasibility plan process led by HR Green, Fort Dodge, Iowa, moved forward with building a municipal network. In addition to the design of the community-owned and operated fiber-to-the-home network, HR Green also provided construction phase services during deployment, including contractor selection and management, inspection, and material handling responsibilities. Construction inspection staff held regular meetings to track construction progress and verify that the contractor completed the installation per the design and installation specifications.

Partnering for Progress

broadband construction restoration

Recognizing these hurdles, municipalities stand at a crossroads. The path forward requires more than just technical solutions; it demands a partnership that understands the intricacies of broadband deployment and the unique challenges it presents.

HR Green’s Municipal Broadband Oversight Services steps in as your trusted partner. With a suite of services designed to navigate the intricacies of compliance and streamline project timelines, we offer:

  • ROW permit technical partner
  • Code compliance during the permitting process
  • Efficient electronic civil plan check process
  • Municipal code compliance during construction
  • Experienced onsite construction inspection and site restoration compliance

Our commitment is to demystify the broadband deployment process. By uncovering time-saving strategies and fostering specialized partnerships, we align with your community’s needs, helping to bridge the digital divide with confidence and competence.

Take the Next Step Toward Your Community’s Connected Future

The journey to broadband expansion is complex but not insurmountable. With HR Green, municipalities can navigate the challenges with a partner that understands both the stakes and the strategies for success.

Explore how HR Green can empower your broadband project. Let’s lay the groundwork together for a future where every home and business in your community is connected.

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