Broadband Construction and Expansion Best Practices

March 21, 2024 | Cody Miller, Tina York

Communities across the country are facing a pressing need to improve their broadband infrastructure to meet the growing demands of residents and businesses. However, navigating the complexities of broadband deployment, from permit reviews to construction management, can be overwhelming for municipalities already facing resource constraints. Without strategic guidance and support, these challenges can lead to delays, cost overruns, and suboptimal outcomes. HR Green understands the hurdles municipalities face and offers a range of solutions to streamline broadband deployment, helping communities achieve their connectivity goals efficiently and effectively.

Construction Phase Services

During the construction phase of broadband projects, municipalities must focus on inspection, management, and compliance. Services such as regular progress meetings, transparent communication, and thorough inspections are vital. These practices help ease broadband implementation, safeguard municipal assets, and adhere to project specifications, minimizing disruptions and maintaining public trust.

municipal broadband oversight

Fort Dodge Utilizes an Owner’s Representative

In Fort Dodge, Iowa, HR Green served as an Owner’s Representative for the city’s municipal network project. This role included design, contractor management, inspection, and material handling responsibilities. Through this collaboration, construction was completed per design specifications, demonstrating the benefits of having a dedicated representative to oversee broadband projects. This approach not only streamlined the process but also facilitated successful outcomes, as evidenced by Fort Dodge’s enhanced connectivity and community satisfaction.

The Role of HR Green’s Municipal Broadband Oversight Services

HR Green’s Municipal Broadband Oversight Services offer a comprehensive suite of solutions to assist municipalities with broadband deployment. Working with our team, we offer:

  • ROW permit technical partner
  • Code compliance during the permitting process
  • Efficient electronic civil plan check process
  • Municipal code compliance during construction
  • Experienced onsite construction inspection and site restoration compliance

From permit review and code compliance to construction inspection, HR Green’s services facilitate smoother and more efficient implementation phases. By partnering with HR Green, municipalities gain access to a trusted advisor with deep industry knowledge and a proven track record of success in broadband projects.

Time-Saving Strategies and Specialized Partnerships

HR Green’s approach to broadband deployment includes time-saving strategies and fostering specialized partnerships that align with community needs. By leveraging innovative solutions and collaborative approaches, HR Green helps municipalities bridge the digital divide and enhance connectivity. Successful partnerships, such as those in Aurora, Colorado, and Palm Desert, California, illustrate how strategic collaboration can drive progress and help communities secure a well-connected future.

Prepare your community for the broadband infrastructure surge. Discover how HR Green’s Municipal Broadband Oversight services can streamline your response and navigate resource and regulatory challenges. 

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