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  • Denton, Texas

Due to pressures of rapid growth north of the Dallas-Fort-Worth Metroplex into Denton and along the 35E Corridor, the Engineering Development Review Division of the Capital Projects Department needed to address its part in Denton’s long-running reputation of not being “business-friendly” among some builders, developers, and businesses. Throughout its history, the Engineering Review process was cumbersome for both the development community and City staff. The City was facing a high workload, extended staff working hours, and a backlog of approximately 145 active development projects. With the increasing number of development projects submitted for review, staff resources had become extremely limited, and had little time to focus on critical process improvements.

City staff, department representatives, and the development community met to engage in an operational and organizational assessment, provided recommendations, and established optimal processes and fee structures that would allow a rapid transition from a reactive to proactive engineering review and processing model. Simultaneously, an on-site Development Engineering Facilitator was assigned to streamline coordination with developers and oversee the team of experienced plan checkers (both on- and off-site) using a paperless processing and electronic plan review platform. The team rolled out a developer escrow account fee structure to convert plan review into an enterprise model. Currently, two full-time Development Engineering Facilitators are assigned at City Hall and continue utilizing electronic plan review and off-site plan review staff to accelerate reviews and approvals.

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