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City of Des Moines Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Master Plan and Implementation

City of Des Moines, IA

The City of Des Moines wanted to create a phased plan to evaluate and update the City’s existing intelligent transportation systems including traffic signal controllers and cabinets, detection of all modes of transportation, video observation, dynamic message systems, school flashers, communication systems, central management software and hardware and an overall traffic data management strategy. The intelligent transportation system also included the flexibility to accommodate connected and autonomous vehicles technology when available.intelligent transportation system

As the foundation of the masterplan, the existing City of Des Moines traffic signal and ITS infrastructure was inventoried and evaluated in order to determine the existing components currently deployed and their applicability/compatibility moving forward.  Completion of the inventory consisted of opening over 450 traffic signal cabinets to document the cabinet’s components.  The fieldwork was performed efficiently and accurately utilizing an innovative use of the ArcGIS Data Collector application loaded onto iPhones and Android smartphones.  The application utilized a pre-built data collection form and also provided geo-tagging of intersection/cabinet photographs.  The data from the application instantly synced with the ArcGIS Dashboard page and was viewable by in-office staff completing real-time data collection reviews.

The master plan utilized the Systems Engineering process to develop a Needs Assessment document and a Concept of Operations which defined the system’s needs and expectations from a stakeholder perspective.  Ultimately, the master plan prepared a deployment strategy which details the phased deployment of the recommended infrastructure solutions including the traffic signal management system, communications system, and related intelligent transportation system field devices, strategies, and technologies, as appropriate.  The ITS Master Plan provided a full deployment schedule for the recommended system, with a focus on the initial 5-year phasing plan and associated costs.

The team has assisted the City in further evaluation of Advanced Traffic Management Software (ATMS) and advanced through the early stages of PS&E package development.  This has included coordination with the City’s IT department, verification of fiber optic assets and pathways including observations of OTDR testing with City staff, and preliminary fiber optic design.


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