Meet Our Land Development Teams in Austin, Texas

June 06, 2023

The Greater Austin metro is experiencing astonishing growth through the expansion of business and domestic migration. People are eager to plant their roots in Central Texas, and rapid development has all facets of the market moving at the same time. This growth provides unique opportunities for both residential and commercial sectors of the market.

HR Green’s experience in the Austin metro spans decades and includes the surrounding cities and counties as well as the Austin Central Business District. This experience gives clients the confidence that we will help them mitigate potential challenges for development in already established zones. Understanding the design of utilities and established infrastructure, knowing the people and departments to work with to obtain permits, and envisioning the purpose of the client’s plans allow our teams to keep projects on track.

“If you haven’t been to Austin in the past ten years, you wouldn’t recognize the skyline of the Central Business District. It means something to be part of changing that skyline.”

– Joe Isaja

From land planning to engineering to landscape architecture, we perform as a single, integrated team to streamline the design process. As a company with diverse capabilities in land development, water infrastructure and water resources, transportation, traffic, and construction engineering and inspection , we develop conceptual plans that respond positively to environmental and physical site conditions as well as our clients’ business objectives while positioning parcels for the future.

“The various disciplines of our organization help us be a better consultant to our clients. It’s a very collaborative process with opportunities for training each other in subsequent businesses that positively impacts the market and our clients.”

– Faris Abboushi

Predicting and preparing for the next phase of growth requires technical expertise, certainly, but also thoughtfulness, communication, and collaboration. Our dedicated teams work with you from start to finish, utilizing local knowledge and years of designing for the future.

Connect with our team members in Austin, Texas

Our land development professionals unify land planning, engineering, and landscape architecture within a single, integrated team to achieve success. Contact us today to experience the difference when you work with our team – a team that develops a strong understanding of your vision and brings local knowledge of Central Texas’s natural features with a fresh perspective to land development services.

Judd Willmann, PE | Land Development Practice Leader | 512.368.8358

Joe Isaja, PE | Land Development Regional Director – Commercial | 512.649.5060 

Faris Abboushi, PE | Land Development Regional Director – Residential | 512.960.4088

Shervin Nooshin, PE | Land Development Regional Director – Residential | 512.865.6949

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