The Success of the Project Management Consultant (PMC) Delivery Method with MoDOT

May 20, 2024 | Jason Dohrmann

Addressing the complexities of infrastructure development requires adaptable and innovative project management strategies. The Project Management Consultant (PMC) delivery method has proven effective by offering a versatile solution tailored to fit the diverse needs of any transportation department.

This method was successfully implemented by the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) in collaboration with HR Green, setting a benchmark in transportation project consultant support.

The Need for a Project Management Consultant

Today, transportation departments face challenges such as unique funding requirements, staffing shortages, and project complexities. These issues call for a shift from traditional methods to more innovative project delivery solutions. The PMC delivery method requires trust and offers flexibility, adapting to each project’s specific needs.

The PMC delivery method is an evolution in managing transportation projects. It involves engaging a consultant to act as the transportation agency’s internal project manager, overseeing all phases, from inception through design and construction.

HR Green and MoDOT: A Pilot Success Story

The Route 94 / Route 364 / Muegge Road Interchange improvements project was facing unique funding parameters, staff shortages, and complexity. MoDOT enlisted HR Green to pioneer the PMC delivery method.

The PMC, situated within the MoDOT team, delivered a design concept, converted it to construction plans for bidding in a traditional design-bid-build format, managed the construction, and saw the project through to completion.

As the PMC, we are responsible for all internal transportation agency requirements. Examples include managing internal stakeholders, overseeing project budgets, scheduling project reviews, and reporting project progress to the organization’s leaders. This requires strong communication skills and removing the barriers between clients and consultants that can exist in traditionally structured projects.

To be successful, the PMC must have access to the transportation agency’s network to manage project files and communication. Basically, the PMC must be given similar access rights to an agency employee in a similar position.  Without this level of trust, the PMC model will not be effective. When fully functional, the PMC adds additional capacity to deliver projects that otherwise cannot be accomplished with current staffing levels.

The aim is for the public not to discern between the department and PMC staff, indicating seamless integration. This approach not only benefits the client by providing an extension of their team but also maintains public confidence in project delivery. The project not only met but exceeded expectations in addressing complex project challenges.

Looking Forward: The Future of PMC with HR Green

The success story of the MoDOT PMC pilot program led to additional PMC projects even before the completion of the initial Interchange project. This reflects a growing acknowledgment of the PMC’s value as an essential tool for public agencies.

The St. Louis County Department of Transportation and the Illinois Department of Transportation each selected HR Green for similar PMC programs. These developments underscore a broader recognition of the PMC approach as a viable solution to the challenges faced by transportation departments.

The Expanding Value of PMC

HR Green’s role in the successful pilot with MoDOT has positioned the firm as a leader in the PMC process. Our team has a deep understanding of facilitating a smooth project flow and minimizing risks related to cost, safety, schedule, and unforeseen challenges.

This new service represents a significant advancement in how transportation departments can address their challenges. HR Green invites other transportation departments to consider this innovative solution.

For those ready to explore how the PMC delivery method can benefit their projects, HR Green stands as a ready and experienced partner. Together we can achieve more successful, efficient, and innovative project results.

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