Goodnight Ranch Mixed-Use Development Blends Urban Innovation with Preservation


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Challenge: Located Southeast of Downtown Austin, Texas, planning for the 700-acre residential development began in 2008, with the construction of the initial phases complete in 2019. Goodnight Ranch is a mixed-use master-planned community offering a full range of development uses, including single-family, apartments and townhouses, senior living facilities, outdoor recreation, and community amenities.

Solution: The proximity of Goodnight Ranch to the already established Austin metro created a unique partnership in maintaining Onion Creek. Land planning provided by HR Green was utilized by the municipal district and park engineers to oversee the construction of the unique collaboration in maintaining recreational areas and community infrastructure. Our team’s vast experience working in Central Texas and a thorough grasp of regional dynamics aided in successfully redesigning and constructing community infrastructure.

Our team embraced the challenge of redesigning the existing land plan for an adapted residential development. The original planned urban development (PUD) was implemented in 2008. Since then, several large amendments have been implemented to keep up with the new demand and demographics of the community. Our engineers calculated adjustments allowing more density without compromising on open recreational spaces.

Additionally, the City of Austin codes changed throughout the construction process. Specifically, the requirements that set 100-year rainfall densities. The change in parameters required a redesign of stormwater systems. Several of the original infrastructure facilities had been built oversized initially, so there weren’t many modifications needed; however, our team did have to increase the storm system depths.

The most unique feature of this residential development is the city park located within Goodnight Ranch. This allows the neighborhood to partner with the Onion Creek District to create and maintain parks, open spaces, and trails. The partnership between these entities means robust future expansion. Future project plans include three school sites; a widened Slaughter Lane with up to 6 lanes of traffic; three regional pond amenities; and water quality and retention plans for the entire project.

One of the most impactful aspects of the neighborhood is its goal to actively provide housing opportunities in “the missing middle” — individuals who are not eligible for low-income assistance yet cannot easily afford typical housing options either. Goodnight Ranch residential development creates a unique blend of historic ranch land and modern urban development.

Benefit: Goodnight Ranch is a shining example of adaptive reuse and inspired development, transforming an isolated area into a thriving community hub. This neighborhood includes housing for all ages and amenities that allow people to work, live, and play within the same area, embracing New Urbanism principles while respecting the region’s existing ecology. The continued growth of Goodnight Ranch residential will positively impact the community as the development expands.

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