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HR Green was selected to provide municipal engineering services to the City of Nevada in February 2002. Since that time, Nevada has received up to 50 hours of general municipal engineering services each month to advise, consult, assist, review and plan for improvements within the community. HR Green personnel assigned to assist Nevada in this capacity have marshaled many of the company’s vast technical resources to benefit the community. Once specific projects are identified, HR Green prepares a separate scope of services, budget, and fee for each project.

HR Green has provided comprehensive technical consulting for a wide range of municipal projects in Nevada over the past several years. Examples including the following:

  • Buildings
  1. Feasibility study, conceptual design, final design and construction phase services for a new City Hall facility.
  2. Roof replacement at the Nevada Public Library.
  • Streets and Bridges
  1. Preparation of site plan and cost estimate for four at-grade railroad crossings.
  2. A grant for 90% of the estimated $77,300 was received from the Iowa DOT.
  3. Asphalt resurfacing of 37 blocks of city streets.
  4. Reconstruction of 12 blocks of city streets using a special assessments.
  5. “Petition and Waiver” process for 90 properties. The work included street removal and replacement with 7-inch thick, 26-foot wide PCC pavement, new 8-inch water main, sodding of all disturbed areas, new storm sewer and removal and replacement of all driveways to the property line.
  6. Seal coat maintenance project for approximately 100 blocks of city streets and cemetery roads.
  7. Development of a new stop sign policy.
  • Parks, Trails and Sidewalks
  1. Sidewalk and trail improvement project completed in 2003 consisted of 6,500 feet of 8-foot wide, 5-inch thick PCC trail and 1,800 feet of 4-foot wide, 4-inch thick PCC sidewalk
  2. Indian Creek Multimodal Trail; over two miles completed to date with Phase 5 anticipated in 2009.
  3. Conceptual planning and final design of the popular Story County Outdoor Recreation for Everyone (SCORE) recreational complex.
  • Stormwater Management
  1. Storm sewer investigations for West Industrial Park to extend 60-inch and 36-inch diameter storm sewer for approximately one mile.
  • Water and Wastewater 
  1. Construction of 2,400 feet of 12-inch water main loop to the Industrial Park. Construction included crossing of an active railroad.
  2. Repairs to digester and waste gas burner at wastewater treatment plant.
  3. Design and construction phase services for new municipal well.
  4. Design and construction phase services for new water purification plant and demolition of the old plant.
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