HR Green Celebrates Our 2022 Projects of the Year

May 30, 2023

The HR Green Project of the Year Awards were established to recognize teams internally for projects that demonstrate HR Green’s mission to build communities and improve lives while demonstrating innovation, collaboration, client service, and financial excellence. Each business line may submit one project per region, and the projects are evaluated by an internal selection committee.

A winning project is selected for each business line which includes Construction, Land Development, Governmental Services, Transportation, and Water. From the winning business line selections, one project is honored as the Ultimate HR Green Project of the Year. During the month of June, we’ll share each winning project team and the project details, revealing this year’s winner at the end of the month.

Congratulations to all the project teams honored – excellent work delivering landmark projects and exemplary services to our clients!


Congratulations to the Indianola Water Resource Recovery Facility project team for receiving both the honor of HR Green’s 2022 Water Project of the Year and the HR Green 2022 Ultimate Project of the Year!

HR Green 2022 Water Project of the Year

The City of Indianola recently completed the construction of a state-of-the-art facility to treat its wastewater flows, which will meet the Iowa Nutrient Strategy for phosphorus and nitrogen removal.

The WRRF also includes a peak flow treatment process for handling extremely high wet weather flows in real-time. Peak flow treatment makes the facility more resilient to extreme wet weather. The facility was built into the hillside and is protected from view by a buffer of trees so that it is almost completely hidden from view from the public.

Top-notch work by a project team of over 150 HR Green staff! Receiving the award is Dan Origer, Andy Venzke, Alison Young, Doug Sullivan, Joe Frankl, Jim Mayne, Kelly Muhlena, and Jim Rasmussen and other top contributors include Dahn Zahn, Greg Baenziger, Craig Barryhill, Joni Huebsch, Wayne Ruble, Ayo Bello, Keval Satra, Dennis Neumann, and Chris Rohloff.

Project Details

Land Development

Congratulations to the Whisper Valley project team for receiving the honor of HR Green’s 2022 Land Development Project of the Year! Whisper Valley is located near Manor, TX, approximately 25 minutes from downtown Austin.

The 2,063-acre master-planned community is committed to sustainability, affordability, and cutting-edge technology. Every home connects to a geothermal energy supply system, reducing energy consumption by about 65 percent.

Land Development 2022 Project of the Year TeamHR Green’s land development team provided design and planning support for over 600 acres of creatively designed residential neighborhoods and business districts, in addition to 600 acres of beautiful parks, scenic trails, and pristine forests. Future neighborhood services include restaurants, retail, office areas, two school campuses, an emergency services center, and a transportation center.

Fantastic work by the project team including Joshua Ince, James Sayers, Michael Giannetta, Mark Denn, Isiah Fulgencio, Faris Abboushi, Chuck Barrett, Xavier Garza, Abigail Ayers, Jill Kennedy, Judd Willmann, David Trueblood, and Sandy Harwood (not pictured) for their work in developing a master-planned community committed to sustainability, affordability, and cutting-edge technology.

Project Details


Congratulations to the Platte-Winner Bridge Environmental Study project team for receiving the honor of HR Green’s 2022 Transportation Project of the Year! The South Dakota Department of Transportation (SDDOT) needs to replace the longest bridge in South Dakota, the Highway 44 “Platte-Winner Bridge” over the Missouri River.

HR Green assisted the SDDOT in identifying a new location and bridge type by finding a geotechnically suitable location, addressing federal regulations around historic cultural resources, and mitigating impacts on recreational resources.

Great work by the project team Tim Thoreen, Ted McCaslin, Kevin Brehm, Stacy Woodson, Matt Brua, and Ben White. Agency and stakeholder coordination efforts have helped to prepare all parties for the efficient construction of this regionally significant river crossing.

Project Details


Congratulations to the Mundelein Pedestrian Bridge project team for receiving the honor of HR Green’s 2022 Construction Project of the Year! The Village of Mundelein faced a problem when a railroad planned to close at-grade crossings, requiring some residents to walk an extra half-mile to reach the commuter rail stop.

A new bridge was identified, and HR Green provided feasibility studies, developed alternatives, and secured grant funding for the project.

The design features stacked switchback ramps, traditional switchback ramps, a prefabricated steel truss superstructure, detailed sidewalk ramp grading plans, and decorative LED lighting design.

Great work by the project team Todd Destree, Jeff Strzalka, and Jon Wirch. From the concept to construction, HR Green helped the Village of Mundelein make the pedestrian bridge a reality.

Project Details

Governmental Services

Congratulations to the Fort Dodge Fiber Feasibility Study and Design project team for receiving the honor of HR Green’s 2022 Governmental Services Project of the Year! Fort Dodge is a forward-thinking community, and they explored a range of options, from building and operating a municipal network to providing infrastructure to work with private partners. City leadership wanted to maintain community control over connectivity in Fort Dodge and elected to build its municipal network.

HR Green analyzed current assets in the city, led Smart Community and 5G discussions, performed high-level designs of the most probable options, and developed feasibility models for each design.

Congrats to the core project team, including John Monday, Matt Hilbert, Campbell Hoffmann, Phil Zima, Zach Cook, and Brock Fuller (not pictured), for helping Ford Dodge determine its future.

Project Details


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