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Communities around the country are looking for ways to unlock the value of their fiber currency. In some communities, the destination may be a community-owned broadband utility. However, for many, the goals revolve around creating smart communication systems to drive broader community goals in education and economic development, or enhancing citizen services and experience.

Whatever their path, combining physical assets (utilities, fiber optic cables and conduits) with future-proofed public policy can enhance operations, expand services, create new revenue streams, and save money. Whatever the vision and course of action you select, the benefits can be significant and life-changing for your constituents.

HR Green’s municipal-focused professionals can help you unlock your full infrastructure’s hidden value, build a roadmap to success, and help prepare your community for the future. HR Green is your ideal partner to optimize your approach and navigate through all facets of a project life-cycle or daily operations of a department.

West Region Contact

David Zelenok, PE

West Region Contact
Ken Demlow
Central Region Contact

Kenneth Demlow

Central Region Contact
Lead Broadband Architect

John Monday

Lead Broadband Architect
Fiber + Broadband Practice Leader

Edward Barrett

Fiber + Broadband Practice Leader

Additional Resources

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Webinar Recorded 12/19/17: Creating a Municipal Broadband Network in Colorado Communities – Dave Zelenok, PE, and Ed Barrett

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