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Environmental Compliance

We have conducted a wide array of environmental studies, environmental site assessments and impact studies. Our environmental and engineering staff nationwide has the necessary experience to fulfill individual or multidisciplinary needs.

One of the greatest challenges in meeting today’s environmental regulations is tracking regulatory changes and managing data. This challenge grows with each additional facility where compliance must be monitored. HR Green’s facility and regulatory compliance services can help you anticipate potential issues.

We handle all aspects of an environmental compliance projects including evaluating compliance status, developing strategies, air permitting, risk management plans, spill prevention plans, and water/wastewater discharge permitting. We can accurately assess current risks and determine if your infrastructure is in compliance with current environmental standards and procedures.

  • Our Environmental Compliance services include:
  1. Local, State, and Federal EPCRA Tier II Notification
  2. EPCRA 313 Toxic Release Inventory Reporting
  3. State Minor Source Emission Inventory
  4. Biennial Hazardous Waste Inventory
  5. Air Permitting of Minor and Major Sources
    1. New and Modified Construction Permits
    2. New and Modified Title V Operating Permits
  6. Tier I and Tier II Underground Storage Tank Investigations and Closure
  7. Corridor Regulated Material Survey for Transportation Project Acquisitions
  8. National Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Report
  9. Remediation Planning and Implementation
  10. Clean Construction Demolition Debris (CCDD)
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Rose Amundson, CPG

Environmental Contact

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