Projects can be delayed, stalled or even terminated due to regulatory requirements. The Federal, state, and local environmental process is often complex, with agencies interpreting and implementing various regulations. Getting necessary approvals and completing documentation without compromising the needs of projects is often challenging. When you choose HR Green, you acquire a staff of professionals with the proven ability to successfully execute comprehensive environmental efforts for projects. We are proactive in representing projects while also maintaining working relationships with state and federal agencies. In-depth knowledge of the process helps us anticipate the challenges that you face, and we work with you to resolve them.

We use a collaborative approach to select multi-disciplinary specialists within our firm to cover all aspects of environmental projects. As part of an integrated services group at HR Green, we collaborate with Transportation, Environmental, GIS, Engineering, and Planning Groups. This interdisciplinary approach allows us to effectively manage environmental concerns, regulatory requirements, and agency coordination to provide clients with a variety of perspectives that are vital when executing a successful project.