Meet with HR Green During Upcoming Career Fairs

January 17, 2024

As the spring semester progresses on college campuses, students channel their energy towards successfully completing assignments, participating in meaningful activities, and gearing up for the upcoming graduation. Amidst this vibrant atmosphere, HR Green team members eagerly anticipate connecting with students at various professional development events nationwide.

During your spring career fairs, we’re not just looking forward to discussing career advice, internships, and full-time opportunities; we’re also eager to engage in insightful conversations about your aspirations and industry-related queries.

Check our calendar to see if the HR Green team is coming to your college campus this spring!

Meet With Us at Your Upcoming Spring Career Fair!

Career Benefits at HR Green

At HR Green, we understand that meaningful career progression is key to the growth of our organization and team members. That’s why each year dozens of civil engineering interns and graduates join us from all around the country – eager for a chance to expand their skill set in an atmosphere where collaboration is embraced and celebrated. 

Here you can enjoy stimulating opportunities to gain knowledge, create lasting relationships with colleagues, grow as a professional while paving your way towards success!

Grow With Green

Unlock the full potential of your career with HR Green’s Grow With Green program. We understand that transitioning into a technical expert or client-facing advisor can be intimidating. That’s why we’ve designed our Grow With Green programs to help you blaze your own path and gain invaluable skills for any next step in life. 

Professional Development Programs Include:

  • Foundations: A two-day in-person workshop is a continuation of onboarding at HR Green.
  • Project Manager Academy: Classes strengthen understanding of contract elements, client engagement, and managing a project team.
  • Business Development Academy: A program to enhance your skills to transition to client-facing roles with HR Green.
  • Leadership Academy: Grow your leadership skills using our powerful 360 online assessment tool.
  • Green University: Access a library of over 1,000 e-courses curated by AEC professionals. Take a class to satisfy your PDH requirements or gain new skills.

Employee Connections

  • HeR Green connects women professionals across the firm, providing support and camaraderie to cultivate skills, encourage career development, and exchange ideas.
  • Young Professional groups discuss topics relevant to career development, augment formalized training, and provide community to professionals from entry-level to ten years of experience.
  • Innovation Lab is a platform to create positive change, allowing all employees to communicate improvement ideas and business opportunities to decision-makers and senior management.

This is just an introduction to the learning opportunities at HR Green. Explore more professional development support and employment benefits of being a team member at HR Green. 

Work with HR Green

group photo of a few 2023 engineering interns at HR Green

Hear experiences from our most recent summer interns, who joined us during the 2023 summer!

Our Internship Experience

Are you ready to join us in building communities and improving lives? Explore the open positions at locations across our geographies.

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