Goodbye, Parking Garages. Hello, Dedicated Driverless Lanes.

July 23, 2019

Parking garages will become obsolete. Cars will park themselves. The density of cars in structures will increase since driverless cars will discharge passengers before entering the structure and can park inches apart—no need to open doors. Plan now to repurpose your garages in 20 years. Redesign them with higher ceilings and flat, not sloped, surfaces to repurpose them into retail or residential structures when the demand drops.

Transportation technologies are evolving at an unprecedented pace and will have profound effects. Engineers and public officials must start preparing today for an inevitable, vastly different future.

Read the full story by The Magazine for Professional Engineers – July/August 2019*

*Goodbye, Parking Garages. Hello, Dedicated Driverless Lanes. Is published with permission by the National Society of Professional Engineers.

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