HR Green’s 2023 Internship Highlights

July 27, 2023

At HR Green, we take pride in our internship program, providing aspiring engineers with a professional work environment to learn and grow. We aim to empower interns, fostering their talents as they experience diverse projects that offer a comprehensive view of the engineering world. Interns are challenged and mentored, gaining hands-on experience in various engineering disciplines. We offer opportunities during the summer and throughout the school year, with multiple office locations to explore. Our inclusive and supportive environment encourages creativity, innovation, and collaboration, setting interns on a path to success.

“I was surprised by the variety of work. I’ve worked on nine different types of projects during my internship, which is perfect for someone trying to figure out what they want to do.”

We are thrilled to announce that 62 talented interns representing various locations and business lines have joined our company. 

HR Green Internship Program By The Numbers

As part of our commitment to fostering talent, we can’t wait to share glimpses of our team in action! Throughout the internship program, we’ll capture moments of camaraderie, learning, and innovation that define the HR Green spirit. Expect to witness their growth, from tackling exciting projects to celebrating milestones together.

“While working at HR Green, the community and environment surprised me the most. I had no experience with private sector companies before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect outside of the stereotypical ‘engineer at a desk all-day’ thought. Seeing all the YP (Young Professional) events and bonding opportunities made me feel less of an employee and more included.”

Engineering Internships at HR Green

Our hands-on approach to learning bridges theory and practice. Interns work on real-world projects guided by seasoned professionals. This experience builds confidence and expertise that will benefit interns throughout their careers. 

“I was surprised at how willing certain members of my section were to take considerable time out of their day to explain things and help me with my questions.”

Embrace the future of engineering with HR Green. Be part of a legacy that spans over a century. Our internship program offers inspiration, growth, and a community dedicated to Building Communities and Improving Lives. Let us ignite your passion for engineering and guide you on a journey of endless possibilities. Together, we’ll shape a better world, one project at a time.

Explore the summer engineering internship opportunities available in your location.

Engineering Internship Opportunities

Meet Past Interns: Denis Patino

Denis Patino Headshot

Denis Patino, a current HR Green Staff Engineer II located in our Houston, TX office, is a recent example of a summer intern who transitioned into a full-time position after graduating. Hear his experience as a former summer engineering intern before working full-time in our water department.

Watch The Intern Experience

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