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The City of Lake Jackson needed emergency drinking water consulting services to respond to an incident of exposure to Naegleria Fowleri. The project included daily cross-referencing field chlorine residual data and providing graphic displays and a review of the results. They also needed assistance with operational and maintenance issues and proposed chlorination system improvement recommendations.

As an additional design service, HR Green provided interim LAS feed improvements for the City of Lake Jackson’s water system. The TCEQ recommended that the City incorporate a liquid ammonium sulfate (LAS) prior to converting back to chloramines.

HR Green also provided the design for LAS fees at Well No. 15 and Well No. 17, including sizing the feed systems in accordance with TCEQ design requirements for capacity and storage. For the short-term, the LAS chemical feed system is anticipated to include (2) chemical feed pumps with bulk storage in an individual bulk container (IBC) tote to be temporarily installed in an exterior location to meet the anticipated schedule for conversion back to chloramines.

The City of Lake Jackson also anticipates the design of a pre-manufactured chlorine chemical feed building for long-term operations. Additional bulk and/or day tanks could be provided in the future in the pre-manufactured chemical feed building.

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