The Woodlands Neighborhood


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  • Hinsdale, Illinois

The Woodlands Neighborhood in Hinsdale, Illinois has had a long history of challenges related to surface water management resulting in damage to homes and personal property as well as making roads impassable. One of the goals of the Village in managing stormwater runoff was to maximize the use of “green initiatives.” The Woodlands Neighborhood project implements many sustainable concepts throughout the neighborhood to provide the desired level of protection from surface water runoff and cost savings over conventional conveyance systems. Equally important to this initiative was, the goal to cleanse stormwater runoff pollution from the street, utilizing rain gardens and bio-swales throughout the neighborhood. HR Green has developed design strategies to minimize the costs associated with the proposed infrastructure improvements by minimizing the number of stormwater pipes where feasible. The environmental benefits include a reduction in stormwater pollutants, an increase in stormwater infiltration, and the preservation of existing trees.

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