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Route 94, Route 364, Muegge Road Interchange Improves Traffic Movement

St. Charles County, MO

The Route 94, Route 364, Muegge Road Interchange project will add capacity, safety, and mobility enhancements at the current interchange in St. Charles County. Construction recently started on the improvements that when complete, will add traffic movements along Route 94 from Route 364 that previously did not exist.

Currently, the interchange lacks access for the following movements:

  1. East and westbound Route 94 to northbound Muegge Road
  2. Southbound Muegge Road to east and westbound Route 94
Muegge Road Interchange

The Muegge Road Interchange will consist of a Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) at the current interchange location with a signalized condition at the north end of the existing bridge over Route 94. To accommodate future travel volumes, the bridge over Route 94 will be widened to the east to accommodate another southbound lane. Adjacent roadway improvements will also support the new traffic movements.

The project is a joint effort between MoDOT, St. Charles County, and the City of Saint Charles, with each of the entities providing funding towards the ultimate goal. Cost Share funding, STP funding, Road Board funding, and local funding are all being used to make this project a reality.

MoDOT is the project sponsor and has implemented an innovative development strategy around the HR Green Design Team, making them the Project Management Consultant (PMC) for the project. This means HR Green serves as the internal Project Manager just as a MoDOT PM sitting at the District office would, interfacing with the Central office, other District staff, hosting Core Team meetings, and performing other administrative duties on behalf of the District to complete the design. Additionally, the Design Team will serve as the project’s Resident Engineer and administer the construction contract.

The resulting interchange will provide direct access for all movements and reduce adverse travel for stakeholders traveling to and from Muegge Road, without degrading the existing MoDOT or adjacent transportation system.


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