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Johnsburg Road Widening and Reconstruction

Johnsburg, IL
Johnsburg Road Widening and Reconstruction-Johnsburg, IL

The Johnsburg Road Widening project consisted of the construction of the first roundabout in McHenry County in the Downtown area of the Village of Johnsburg. The project also included widening of Johnsburg Road from Spring Grove Road to Fairview Avenue, installation of traffic signals at the intersection of Spring Grove and Johnsburg Roads, installation of roadway lighting, decorative pedestrian lighting with banner arm and planter arms, innovative decorative thermoplastic crosswalks, installation of sidewalks within downtown Johnsburg with decorative brick paver sidewalk banding and brick pavers, decorative planting within the center of the roundabout, and decorative retaining walls.

Coordination and communication with businesses and residents was critical to the success of this project. HR Green, in conjunction with McHenry County Division of Transportation, created a project website which communicated weekly, and in some cases daily, project updates. During construction a webcam was also added to the project website and provided a new photo of the construction site every 15 minutes.

At the project’s beginning, local residents questioned the placement of a roundabout at the intersections of Johnsburg, Chapel Hill and St. Johns Roads. After the roundabout was completed, MCDOT and HR Green received only positive feedback regarding the roundabout. By following through with the engineering judgment to place a roundabout in an area where there was opposition, does not mean that the project will not be a success. Appropriate design, construction and stakeholder coordination and communication were critical to the success of the project.


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