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Jackson Creek Parkway is a critical north-south arterial roadway in Monument, providing a parallel to I-25 and access to major retailers, businesses, and residents. The mile-long road improvements over the one-mile stretch expanded the two-lane road into four lanes with turn lanes, bike lanes, and a landscaped median to match the streetscape theme along adjacent corridors. Through innovative processes, strong communication, and collaboration, the project has reduced traffic congestion and beautified the parkway with minimal disruption to local businesses.

While the Town of Monument owns the road, Triview Metropolitan District is responsible for widening the Jackson Creek Parkway and maintaining it. This overlapping responsibility required strong collaboration between agencies, the designer HR Green, the contractor Kiewit Infrastructure Group and adjacent properties.

The section from Higby Road south to Baptist Road is in the district, but only half of that segment was improved to a four-lane section. Growth in the area was causing the two-lane section to operate at capacity, with backups occurring on a regular basis. Two lanes of traffic needed to be maintained through the construction process.

The mile-long road improvements beautify the Jackson Creek Parkway and add a multitude of capacity through the following scopes: two new traffic lanes on the east side of the existing roadway, turning lanes, bike lanes, curb and gutter, storm drain system, center median with concrete and landscape rock, road lighting, and a sidewalk on the east side. The project added bike lanes and ensured that the Preble’s Meadow Jumping Mouse habitat was protected. Construction was completed prior to the critical holiday shopping season.

Triview Metro District adopted a unique method to accelerate project delivery with the Construction Manager-General Contractor (CMGC) approach, making it possible to resolve issues before the design was finalized and to accelerate construction. Kiewit Infrastructure Group was selected to provide Construction Management General Contractor services on the project when plans were completed to the 60 percent level. Kiewit offered input on the design to improve constructability, minimize risks, reduce costs, and accelerate the construction process.

The Colorado Chapter of the APWA has awarded the 2020 Transportation Project of the Year for Small Communities to the Triview Metro District, Town of Monument, and HR Green for the Jackson Creek Parkway Improvements project.








APWA Colorado – Project of the Year Award

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