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Landscape Architecture

At HR Green, we believe in a disciplined, process-oriented design approach. We consider the natural and historical characteristics of a site and focus on exceeding our client’s goals and needs through constructible designs.

This philosophy defines our approach to a wide range of public as well as private improvements, including parks, streetscape, campuses, trail systems and second building sites.

Once we fully understand the project requirements and client objectives we begin thoughtful design development, blending creative talent with sound business sense to meet the established budgets and schedules. We serve both public and private clients in this manner, bringing flexibility, responsiveness and a hands-on approach to every project.

Our licensed landscape architects utilize various plant materials to create, define, enhance and control exterior spaces. We use our horticultural expertise to select the right plants for the right condition. We develop themes that create a ‘sense of place’ and differentiate our clients’ projects from their competitors, through the use of landscape architectural elements, architectural control and site furnishings.

We also collaborate and assist our public and private clients in developing funding strategies for landscape architectural projects. Our grant preparation experts evaluate opportunities and prepare applications that secure funding to turn our plans into reality.

Phil Stuepfert
Group Leader

Phil Stuepfert

Group Leader

Landscape Architecture Experience

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