Hopkins Area Lift Station Improvements


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This project consists of lift station improvements and associated gravity and force main interceptors that will allow the phase-out of the existing L27 lift station. HR Green began detailed design work when a site had been selected in Oakes Park in Hopkins. During the preliminary design and permitting efforts, we discovered that LAWCON funds had been used in past park improvements, which prevented the diversion of park land to lift station usage. A search for a new site followed, and we assisted with the evaluation of several additional candidate sites.

Ultimately, MCES purchased a site across the street from Oakes Park. The site included wetlands, and HR Green’s team worked closely with MCES and the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District (MCWD) to develop a site development plan that avoided wetland impacts and complied with MCWD and City design requirements. We assessed several options for response time storage for the new lift station. Storage in a large wet well was selected in part because of the cost and risks of constructing a deep, large interceptor pipe for response time storage. The lift station structure was designed as a circular structure that will be constructed as a caisson to minimize construction excavation impacts on the tight site.

We conducted a public involvement program, including several public meetings, to gain public input and acceptance for the lift station improvements. Our WBE architecture sub-consultant (Luken Architecture) developed design and construction material proposals that would fit into the neighborhood, and the City of Hopkins approved a Conditional Use Permit incorporating these design features.

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