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  • Elk Grove Village, Illinois

Home to the largest contiguous industrial park in the country, Elk Grove Village sought to modernize its business park by leveraging 5G through the deployment of cutting-edge partnerships.

HR Green was contracted to help evaluate the potential economic impact of Elk Grove Village 5G throughout its industrial and technology park, which creates more than 70 percent of the tax base in the community. Expansion of services and the designation of the park properties as a national 5G leader requires state-of-the-art high-speed data and will have meaningful and long-term impacts on its ability to recruit future tenants that fit the community’s goals to attract high-tech, aerospace, and other tenants.

HR Green has supported Elk Grove Village for many years as Village Engineer, providing myriad consulting services during a period of rapid development and robust CIP program implementation. Our staff was able to seamlessly work with developers and city management to create a 5G master plan.

In addition, HR Green helped to develop policy and ordinance to manage the proliferation of 5G deployment throughout the Village. Deliverables include a design manual that establishes standards of design, construction, and installation of 5G antenna and street pedestals, location and spacing; color, height, and decorative pole requirements; colocation; aesthetic requirements; view preservation; streetscape and infrastructure density.

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