Broadband Infrastructure Analysis Bands Central Iowa Together


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  • Greater Des Moines Partnership, Des Moines, Iowa

Challenge: Broadband coverage can be problematic, particularly in rural areas. Without a specific broadband infrastructure analysis, municipal leaders do not know what options they might have to improve broadband, providers do not know where needs are, and maps that are used to determine grants can be inaccurate to the point where grants might not be available where they are needed.

Solution: HR Green is currently creating an innovative, regional solution in conjunction with the Des Moines Partnership that will help connect communities in need to providers and funding sources to solve the digital divide that is present in an eleven (11) county area in central Iowa.

The regional study includes extensive mapping and community outreach efforts to enable a full understanding of those areas in need of both additional infrastructure deployment and adoption programming to drive increased broadband adoption. Once needs are defined, a robust planning process will be undertaken in conjunction with state and local officials, incumbent providers, and key stakeholders across the region to identify opportunities for improvement. The study includes the creation of an innovative Broadband Marketplace to tie those in need to providers and funding resources to close the broadband gap.

This central collaboration tool is of particular note because it is a ground-breaking, original creation by HR Green to develop solutions, rather than simply display issues. In thinking through how to develop processes and data building to lead to specific opportunities for solutions, this broadband infrastructure analysis will not only provide valuable data to the eleven (11) counties, but it will also put them in a position to be eligible for grants and have tools and relationships to solve broadband issues.

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