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The City of Cedar Rapids was inundated by floodwater from heavy rains that caused the Cedar River to rise above the flood stage. The Cedar River flood stage for 2008 exceeded 1993 flood levels by 11 feet with the river cresting at 31.12 feet flood stage. The Cedar River covered approximately 1,300 city blocks and approximately 9.2 square miles of residential and commercial areas.

The project area was inundated with floodwaters in excess of 9 feet in depth above the roadway. With an average burial depth of 16 feet, the sanitary sewers had approximately 26 feet of hydrostatic pressure inside the pipelines. Following the flood event, there was severe damage to the roadways, the sanitary sewer was filled with flood debris, and numerous depressions and sinkholes began to appear on 2nd Street SE over the sewer; indicating soil migration into the pipeline.

The 2nd Street SE Reconstruction project involved approximately 7 blocks of 2nd Street SE, including the replacement of sanitary and storm sewer and water main. The $3 million project was funded jointly by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the City of Cedar Rapids.

Major 2nd Street SE Reconstruction project elements included:

  1. Removal and replacement of 2,600 feet of concrete pavement on 2nd Street SE
  2. Removal and replacement of nearly 3,000 feet of the sanitary sewer with an average burial depth of 16 feet
  3. Replacement of sidewalks and addition of ADA compliant curb ramps
  4. Replacement of storm sewer
  5. Relocation of water main
  6. Energy-efficient roadway lighting and traffic signals
  7. Addition of street trees along the roadway

HR Green was the primary engineering consultant on the project. HR Green was responsible for the planning and design of the roadway, sanitary and storm sewer, and water main. HR Green services also included stakeholder meetings, permitting, bid phase assistance, and construction phase assistance.


ACEC Iowa – Engineering Achievement Award

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