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Challenge: The City of Town & Country adopted an ongoing stormwater management program to alleviate drainage problems that had a detrimental effect on both the public infrastructure and private properties. The program is funded from portions of the ½ cent sales tax collected for Parks and Stormwater Improvements.

Solution: Since the inception of the Town & Country Stormwater Management Program, the City identified 80 projects for consideration. For those 80 projects, HR Green was selected as the primary engineering consultant and has assisted the Director in developing a cost-to-benefit ratio for each project to prioritize and inform capital improvement spending. OPCs range from $30,000 to $960,000, totaling approximately $10 million. The number of properties affected totals over 200. The scopes of work include alleviating surface erosion, construction of piped conveyance, stabilization of urbanized open drainage channels, and detention and water quality-related projects.

After completing the Stormwater Management Program, the City selected HR Green to design nine of the highest-priority projects. These projects have included storm sewer design, stream stabilization, and green infrastructure.

HR Green’s design projects included:

  • Fiddlecreek Lane: 855 feet of 12-inch to 24-inch diameter storm sewers and roadway improvements
  • 13333 Thornhill: 200 feet of natural channel bank stabilization
  • Mueller Lane: 600 feet of 12-inch to 36-inch diameter storm sewers and roadway improvements
  • Corrington Court: Two residential bioretention basins and storm sewer improvements
  • Masonwood/Masonridge Intersection Drainage: Storm sewers, pavement reconstruction, and retaining walls
  • Broomstick Lane: Storm sewers and bioswales
  • Summerhill Phase I: 400 feet of natural channel improvements and bank stabilization
  • Summerhill Phase II: Storm sewers, detention, and channel improvements
  • Summerhill Phase III: Storm sewers and bank stabilization

Benefit: The Town & Country Stormwater Management Program gives the City a roadmap for selecting the highest priority areas for stormwater infrastructure improvements. The Program is impartial since each project is evaluated under the same criteria. Since 2010, the City has designed and constructed over 20 projects to mitigate stormwater problems for its residents.

“HR Green has provided stormwater engineering services for the City for over a decade. They have led the development of our stormwater program and have consistently delivered projects on-time and within budget.”

– City of Town & Country

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