Waukegan Risk and Resilience Assessment for Water Treatment Plant


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The City of Waukegan retained HR Green to conduct the Risk and Resilience Assessment (RRA) for their Water Treatment System. The Waukegan water system serves a population of 88,182, consisting of the City of Waukegan and three small adjacent communities. The water system includes two raw water intakes, a raw water pumping station, a water treatment facility (flocculation/sedimentation and filtration) with a capacity of 17.7 million gallons per day (mgd), three booster stations with ground storage tanks, and approximately 340 miles of water transmission pipeline. Based on the population served by the WTP, the RRA will need to be submitted by December 21, 2020. HR Green is currently working on completing the Risk and Resilience Assessment for the Waukegan WTP’s facilities. The project includes a site assessment of all WTP facilities for existing security and countermeasures against malevolent acts and natural hazards. The RRA includes assessment of critical system assets for the most likely threat categories, determination of vulnerability likelihood, and quantification of economic consequences and public health impacts resulting from asset damage. The final report will identify the Waukegan WTP’s highest risk areas and will provide recommendations to improve resiliency.

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