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Challenge: The Plum Creek master-planned community is a unique regional land development project in Kyle, Texas. The development creates an exceptional economic, residential, and recreational center, potentially transforming the entire Texas Innovation Corridor, an area stretching from South Austin to North San Antonio.

The development faced several challenges, including the large scale of the project, the need to maximize infrastructure, and the potential strain on existing transportation systems.

Solution: Nestled between existing traffic infrastructure, two major highways, and an open floodplain, the master-planned community provides much-needed high-density housing. The mixed-use development increases the connection between South Austin and its surrounding neighboring districts, bringing more accessibility and convenience to residents.

Wastewater infrastructure includes an off-site regional detention facility draining into the area pond. This unique land arrangement came with its challenges but ultimately provided an excellent opportunity for our team to capitalize on the open flood plains.

To combat potentially overwhelming the existing highway system as families move into the Plum Creek neighborhood, the land plan effectively distributes the traffic flow between FM 1626 and FM 270 along I-35 connecting the area even further.

In the past three years, Plum Creek has been one of the fastest-growing neighborhoods in South Austin. HR Green has navigated permitting in Kyle with great success, meeting deadlines while providing a quality product to keep up with the rapid growth rate of the area.

Benefit: Upon full build-out, this land development project will feature 2,500 residential homes, up to 500,000 square feet of mixed lifestyle retail and office space, a hotel and convention center, and a world-class park system at its core. With its combination of economic opportunities and recreational features, this master-planned community promises to create an attractive hub for both people and employers in the region. 


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